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This is the first time, I found the male lead sympathetic, and was happy for them to get together. . It is not bad, but not extremely good either. Why she must fell in love with jae hee even the poster shown that tae sang was the male lead . Among the many popular K-dramas, here are the best couples and love Hello everyone, it's been a long time, I'm back with another #TopTeam of #KDREAMERS blog, today I'm going to talk top 10 Jealous boyfriends. We all like when they get jealous right? So why not appreciate them! For me being jealous means being afraid to loose someone , being jealous doesn't mean the To mix things up, we have decided not to include any women from the original list, so head on over there if you need more recommendations. In contrast the second fiddle, a gentleman, has a perfect first meeting with the female lead and is ever so attentive and caring. 2. The older dramas also tend to be longer and more focused on Palace All characters except the female lead are rich. kdrama to be continued is so adorable the main lead make the cutest couple and hee just being a typical possessive male leade and this shows his own Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏 7/10 ♥ Summer’s Desire is pure crack. but I have a feeling it was something possessive, like he deserved her. You arrived at the set prepared and ready to go Most people adore the male lead, and I do too, but I just wanna say I love the female lead equally and I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for doing an awesome job (as a character as a whole as well as decent, natural acting). Boys Over Flowers: This is the Korean adaptation of Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango. Yu You Tong is a fan of Fang Zhi Hao (her childhood friend who became a star) so when Fang Zhi Hao's stunt double, Sun Fan, thought Zhi Hao was stealing his girlfriend, Xing Ye Zhen the lead female actor, he punches Fang Zhi Hao. The basic storyline is a love triangle that consists of 2 super This manga is not for a light hearted reader who only read fluffy stuffs like kare's first love. ” Her assessment of A Gentleman’s Dignity was not without critique: “A lot of wrist-grabbing, possessive boyfriends, and stalker-like behavior, and this was a show that completely favored the male perspective. I want the main guy to be a bad boy turned good. You know, the type of guy who is crazy in love with the main girl and will do anything to protect her and keep her by his side. What makes this drama worth watching is that it teaches the viewers how to balance school, a career, and your love life. But if he is too busy to run an errand for the family or if he passes up on a higher-paying job, we all better make a run for it before getting an earful. I really liked Siwan in Misaeng, as I've previously mentioned, so I decided to check out his new drama. Lee Min Ho portrayal was just a reminiscence of his other characters he play expect this is an action drama. I would zone out for entire scenes because I was so transfixed by someone’s expert use of chopsticks, or so stunned by just how much makeup the male lead was wearing. The drama starts out very positive, then embarks on a huge downhill run. I'd also like it if he were the main male-lead, if not, that's fine. He said a lot of romantic stuff, so you might not notice until later that he was bordering on being a crazed stalker. 35 : Ariofa Says: December 16th, 2010 at 5:49 am. There is a fairly large trend of rude or brusque male lead characters in dramas; and even though it might not be very logical to fall for a cold person who acts like a jerk, we usually end up The Heirs had a male lead that was super protective/possessive. Cheese in the trap (cruel who turns her life upside down because of one mistake) 2. I really love watching Asian dramas that have jealous possessive main guys. See more ideas about Korean actors, Female actresses and Asian actors. For all my love for dark and gritty Kdramas, I still love my fair share of romcoms. We want girls we can relate to, so we can put ourselves in their shoes and get all the feels when they get the man. It was kind of confusing for me, though. Soumya May 14 Male lead gets jealous easily . Takuya and Junjae are probably one of the biggest anticipation builders when it comes to male x male romance! They don't shy away from intense scenes (like the one above) and heating things up on Small note on my selection: I prefer the relatively “newer” historical dramas, as I find that in the old classics such as ‘Jewel in the Palace’ or ‘Dong Yi’ the male cast is just so-so… and let’s face it, I love flower-boys (these insanely handsome young men!). Read the topic about romance manga with possessive lover?! on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: 1204055) Steph is back counting down the Top 20 all time best rich guy poor girl Korean dramas! A video and blog post by Hallyu Back. For some, Kdramas may be the last place to look for empowered female characters, but I think they contain quite a lot of female agency. choi young do forever! Happens wayyyyy too often See more The cast is popular. A guilty pleasure like no other – a shameless soap opera chock full of birth secrets, back stories, long flashbacks, hideous characters, dangerously dramatic scenes, and a whole lot of romance mixed with revenge, and revenge mixed with romance. Sakuraba Junko is everything (and then some) that I could want as a lead female character in a drama. The female and male lead end together! Reasons Why Weightlifting Fairy is a Must-Watch Drama December 16, 2016 December 17, 2016 It’s pretty sad that Weightlifting Fairy has to go against The Legend of the Blue Sea starred by established actors (Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun) so their ratings are suffering in spite of the drama being good and heart-fluttering. Korean Drama - 2009  1. 0. The male lead was a total douchebag and I was never convinced of his feelings for the female lead. 8 Jun 2016 There is a fairly large trend of rude or brusque male lead characters in but if K- dramas have taught us anything, we know that meeting the  14 Apr 2018 Ko dong man was guy who try to show he don't care about anything, he don't power of women legs have was just exactly the reason I love kdrama. "Descendants of the Sun" is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Eung Bok. My latest favourite is empress Ki I think she takes the cake for being the most awesome lead in a drama series, she's better than all the men in her own story and better than most male leads in other stories as well. Love them!! See more If you want to learn Korean, or you are a big Korean Drama fanatic, or you love watching romantic dramas, or it is snowing outside and you are locked in your room with nothing better to do, or you have a Korean boy friend / girl friend, or you want to watch something different yet romantic or you are in love with Korean Culture, or you have heard of hallyu but dont know what it is, or you are If the main lead is the focus, then I do have issues at times. The K-drama world is a place with a variety of characters, often times meant to embody a particular trait or a couple of traits — dynamic stock characters, if you will. In contrast, our male lead, Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), is a hot-tempered, arrogant brat. That being said, let’s jump right into our Top 10 Strong Female Characters in Anime - enjoy! My dislikes list is a mile long. While the concept of time travel through a solar eclipse was As a fan of the legendary japanes manga material and the anime this drama is taken from, I found this show dreadful, with load of plotholes and an actor not suited to play the main male lead character : Ryo Saeba. I’m not trying to shame Korea/Korean media while ignoring the fact The lead character is set to be a student while being a high-ranking executive at the same time. Explore Aicelle Recto's board "Korean Drama", followed by 337 people on Pinterest. I wasn't that interested in this one. (a) Must be the male lead’s first love. I’m not trying to shame Korea/Korean media while ignoring the fact I'm looking for a manga in which the male lead is a crazy psychotic character who has major obsessive and possessive issues toward a girl, not necessarily because he loves her, but because he just has issues. Jerk male lead kdrama. The two main characters lying to each other and the problems it creates makes it worth watching though. This is the reason why i love him and her. Story: 7/10 Eye Candy: 11/10. Ahahahahaha, at least Rain got to cash his astronomical paycheck for this drama so he shouldn’t feel bad. The lead character is set to be a student while being a high-ranking executive at the same time. Jackson – Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group, Sub-Vocalist; You can just apply what I said about Mark being a sub-vocalist to Jackson as well. Best Taiwanese drama's With possessive jealous crazy guys. But, I cant tell the future in Kdramas, only in Kdramas. See more ideas about Flower boys, Korean dramas and Korean Actors. In this post I focus on the ones in the kdramas I’ve watched, but there are lots of dramas out there with male leads who are not at all overly aggressive, (Dal Ja’s Spring, My Girlfriedn is a Gumiho, OB/GYN Doctors, What’s Up Fox?, Dream High, My Girl, to name a few). Also I would prefer it if the female lead had a personality and was smart. However, this trend has been turning in the last decade or so with a slew of confident, intelligent, and self-reliant female lead characters. circles with one another and Nam Goong Min was wasted as the annoying second male lead, but other than that it was a good watch 2014 RECOMMENDED KOREAN TV SERIES OR KDRAMA PART 2 Though there are also better Kdramas shown in the country, The network's lead news anchor. ” Obviously, the anti-male lead falls for the female lead, but has to carry out his revenge against the male lead. My male and female alltime crush "Seo In Guk and Eunjii" Reply Me 1997 I seriously love these two. But he's not 8. Watching a lot of Korean dramas introduces us into a lot of love teams and on-screen couples. But in this case no one wanted Luo Jin to get the girl and Rain was the fan favorite all the way. See more ideas about Kpop, Kdrama and Eric mun. Jun 15, 2018- Explore robotrollcall0's board "Kpop and Kdramas" on Pinterest. Not only can they hold their own, they even outshine the hero at times. I want to try something new, with a strong rich female main character who actually pursue the male character. It tells the story of four boys and the Dramas with manipulative/smart female and male leads? Hi guys, I've been struggling to find a drama that can hold my interest lately. Meteor garden ShanCai angers the powerful ruthless leader of the F4 DaoMingSi causing him to retaliate and eventually fall in love with her, he tries to buy her love, and simply cannot stand to see her with anyone else besides him. Duties and responsibilities of female second leads. Get me on my feelings Even more awkward: it hurts the viewer more than it hurts the lead Awkward Drama Moments See more Don’t get me wrong, I love me some skinship between leads, but…I’m not seeing Moo Gak, the male lead, quite being fully in love with female lead Cho Rim. I couldn't write a post on Frustrating Male Leads without including a post about equally as frustrating female leads. Modern Kdramas sometimes draw feminist-inspired critiques for their representations of women. My friend Chad says it’s because The Heirs is an idol series, which I think means they cast a bunch of super popular and talented celebrities. On Outside Seoul, Amanda sets up a tension between feminist ideals and Kdrama: "I’ve always considered myself to… successful sageuk series that earned high ratings. Or he could just have obsessive issues for whatever. There are the shut-ins When a man falls in love (male lead is obsessed with female lead) (I know this thread is for kdramas but if you happen to think of any Asian drama with these themes please message me) Asian dramas I’ve seen with this kind of theme (not including Thai lakorn): Sealed with a Kiss (Aggressive possessive psycho male lead, non-con. K-ent is reporting that Song Hye Kyo is considering the female lead role in upcoming romance K-drama Boyfriend which will likely star Park Bo Gum. The character of him very jolly and happy, but he got jealous easily too,  The office antics are funny, the cast is great and there is even a cute reference to Secret Garden, whose male lead lived in the same house as Park Seo Joon's  24 Apr 2017 You thought the exes (and their evil mothers) from Korean dramas were bad, The sad part is that you can also find these crazy chicks in roles besides the jealous ex. I'm looking for an evil villain to be obsessed with the main female-lead. Looking Back: K-Dramas of 2014. L! L is by far one of the hottest anime guys out there ;3 He's kind of quirky, but that'ts what make him even hotter! But when she refuses the sexual advances of the hospital chairman, Mo Yeon is picked to lead a medical team to staff a clinic in Urk! There, Mo Yeon unexpectedly reconnects with Si Jin. Seeing the sweet chemistry of the leading man and leading lady in a series will make us wish that they were really couples in real life. by all the girls and when he's yours, shows possessive behavior. that awkward asian drama moment // that awkward moment when there's a third male lead. The drama doesnt fucking stop. In many dramas the male lead starts off as a flawed character and is eventually transformed by love. A Few of My Favorite Korean Dramas. 26 Oct 2018 Protective / Obsessive / Possessive Guys. The second male lead in Summer Scent was nothing like the normal 2nd - a psychotically possessive nutjob, who even kidnapped the female lead and held her against her will. Goodbye My Love doesn't qualify either since it is not the main male lead which is rich, but his friend. 慕咏飞 Mu Yong Fei – wife of the male lead, the main driver of most of the plot development in the drama (A/n: I've only watched Hwarang and Mask so I don't know many kdramas so I'm making one up) You were going to play the lead female role Shin Yo-ki You knew someone was playing the lead male role by you didn't know who. The male lead at first might seem to be the tropey science-y guy with high IQ low EQ and is aloof. This is one of the most memorable multiple love situations in a Kdrama for me because of how truly ridiculous the whole situation was. 1. Describing the male lead as domineering, overly possessive, aggressive, mean, is, i believe a gross exaggeration. He can be However, can she change these characters destiny when she is only a powerless side-character? ----- Inspired by Face of the devil, Do not kiss the frog, Pick the second male lead, and other reincarnation, light novels, kdramas, cliche wattpad books, etc. Ji Soo Ho asks his fans all the right questions. I'm looking for something where neither of the mains quickly fall in love with each other and where neither of the mains are the shy/weak type. Oct 16, 2016- Explore food4thought's board "K Dramas", followed by 173 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Korean Drama, Kdrama and Drama. 29 Mar 2013 One of the most common tropes in Korean dramas features an innocent and Having an ice-cold and cruel male lead prolongs the “warming,” and leads to . It could be the excessive product placement, the rushed romance, rehashing of old drama tropes or the highly curated characters which plague present Kdramas but I do miss the old dramas which are more ‘raw’ and have that right mix of slapstick and feel-good moments. Its lead actor, Gong Yoo had just celebrated the success of his action film, Train to Busan before he was cast in the series Goblin – The Great and Lonely God (Goblin). That's the sort of the thing that make Gu Jun Pyo look like Ji Hoo sunbae! Reply Delete When a Man Loves - Korean Drama. love o2o (stalker but who cares they are both good  I haven't watched a lot of korean dramas with this particular vibe but I've watched a lot Sealed with a Kiss (Aggressive possessive psycho male lead, non-con. My love for asian dramas started with Japanese dramas and then I found Kdramas and TWdramas. So I've been looking for dramas with a nice male lead (my favorites so far are I Hear would be, he was never an awful jerk like some Kdrama lead males can be. There are the shut-ins Also the male lead in Dr. Second lead syndrome is literally the worst thing to happen a fan girl Korean Drama Problem When you fall in love with the second male lead. I mean I liked the yandere because he gave me some good scenes but the whole time during this drama I was so attracted to the main lead's best friend Sho. Even though the female lead character shared a deeper connection and more intimate dialogues with Ji Hoo, she was eventually won over by the persistent Jun Pyo. I've looked in the tags for obsessive I have watched too many dramas with strong, rich, handsome main male character and poor strong will female character. Oh Eunji Reply Hhhhhhhhhhhhh well said! Siwon is so meaaann kekeke poor Yoonjae These two are so hilarious. Awww, Shin Woo :( gotta love him for his tenderness! Gaaaaah why I stopped watching kdramas . (h) Be broody and scarily possessive when the proposal from (g) is rejected. Second lead syndrome, it's real. seeing her be all competent ingenious and kickass throughout the show and become the empress out of her own ability felt so damn Hands Off: Consent and the Asian Drama Male When I first started watching Korean drama, I spent a lot of time being preoccupied by things I don’t even notice nowadays. Now if that is the case I want whoever is the main lead to be efficient and resourceful rather than get played for more than half the show. First day of filming . Hands Off: Consent and the Asian Drama Male When I first started watching Korean drama, I spent a lot of time being preoccupied by things I don’t even notice nowadays. Korean dramas oh these are the best Korean dramas I have ever watched and in future I'm looking forward to add lots of best dramas here I was never a huge fan of Itazura na Kiss for so many reasons. Section 3. Female lead is good (pretty & acts well). got to watch some really good lakorns on youtube because of her. LOL. I want him to be crazy possessive. She is nothing but sweet and happy-go-lucky…usually. 14 May 2019 KDRAMA STORIES Korean media Insight listed 4 lead male characters from webtoon that make the readers want to jump into the webtoon. The worst example of this in recent memory is Strong Woman Do Bong-soon where a female lead with super strength needed to be saved by the male lead and was even criticised for acting independently rather than relying on him. We all know what happens when a celebrity starts dating. Which Korean dramas made you develop second lead syndrome and why? In this post I focus on the ones in the kdramas I’ve watched, but there are lots of dramas out there with male leads who are not at all overly aggressive, (Dal Ja’s Spring, My Girlfriedn is a Gumiho, OB/GYN Doctors, What’s Up Fox?, Dream High, My Girl, to name a few). 3 L (Death Note) L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. )Pee nong 2 leuard with Dan and BEAM from the boy band D2B. A female second lead must perform the following duties to satisfy the Kdrama Audience majority and puzzle the minority. So for those who feel The K-drama world is a place with a variety of characters, often times meant to embody a particular trait or a couple of traits — dynamic stock characters, if you will. (WARNING:Dark, twisted, possessive, Yandere!Alien male lead) In the year of 2070, where humans and humanoid aliens coexist, Evelyn is just an average human girl trying to live a normal life, trying to make it past the semi-dystopian era with the thousands of laws restricting her every move. Yes! This drama has all the stereotypes: wrist grabbing, aggressive kisses, shower scenes displaying male bodies and a decent love triangle! (OMO I love this one so much!). My boyfriend is a grown 36 year-old man who lives fearfully of his own mother. This particular drama deserves an honorable mention on this list even though it featured a love square in its case. 【1080P Full Movie-Eng SUB】《爱上试睡师/Good Night》少女爱美丽,酒店夜未眠(丹尼斯·吴/唐婧/肖旭/刘栋 主演) - Duration: 1:31:01 top 20 possessive lovers ( 포악한 사랑) korean drama series you must watch korean drama viewer. Here are top Japanese drama you may want to watch and enjoy. seeing her be all competent ingenious and kickass throughout the show and become the empress out of her own ability felt so damn I really love watching Asian dramas that have jealous possessive main guys. Whether or not he is in love with the heroine doesn't really matter (though I'd prefer it if he were). Male lead is good. But it is something that I have noticed that a majority of these dramas have females as the main main lead. Yu You Tong took pictures and posted them on the web to make people take revenge out on Sun Fan, the attacker. I'm a sucker for those types of side characters! So yeah though, if you like dramas and like male yanderes give this one a shot. It’s like halfway through the show the male lead decided he liked the female lead. He was going to play Kim Do-Jung. of episodes--the survival did make her a bit of a jerk, a jealous possessive one at Jun 7, 2014 But I guess I've seen my share of “jerk male leads” in kdramas  31 Jan 2017 I've never seen a more vanilla male lead in my history of kdrama . Then, as he senses he’s losing the battle, he starts edging toward the dark side, becoming more possessive. 童雪 Tong Xue – female lead, the victim who gave up her life and future to protect her family. I think you have a bias against writer kim sook, cause her dramas, at least the ones I've seen are not as bad as you make them seem. And so the challenges begin, but truth be told I didn't watch this one until the end. 萧山 Xiao Shan – first love of the female lead, the beautiful memory which keeps the female lead from losing herself. For example, I loved kdrama Secret Garden when it aired in 2012, but now can’t bear to watch it because I find the male lead too much of a chauvinist jerk. So Diamond Lover now joins the pantheon of dramas with WTF endings, as well as the few dramas where the second male lead gets the girl. It tells the story of four boys and the Time traveling scholar Kim Boong Do snags the top spot on this list for being a magnificent unicorn of a male lead who is kind, thoughtful, and respectful from day one. I really hate that girl who like » List of Korean Drama Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series here are some dramas up on YOUTUBE where the lead male rapes or attempts to rape the lead girl. They’re also rushing the story: we already know who the Kdramas and movies have discussed the dark truth about the Korean entertainment industry before but Radio Romance talks about it with a unique frankness. This is for male leads only or we'd be here all day. (Another version) Second male lead that hangs around c#%blocking the main romance and having a bromance with the first male lead where they fight a lot but also have a lot of skinship and should just kiss already; There is a huge age gap between the main leads. uploaded by Ruchaneewan--love this person. Also the female lead never truly grew a backbone. Plus it combines the worlds of North Korean spies (the second male lead is a North Korean spy as well) and South Korean entertainment so prepare for insanely funny scenes. I suppose with TKIL I came in assuming Won would be the male lead because he seemed to appear more prominently in the marketing, and also it seemed most viewer discussions outright called him the male lead. of episodes--the survival did make her a bit of a jerk, a jealous possessive  There are the shut-ins Top 25 Korean Dramas Where The Male Lead Is Not A . stability and maturity to the show, but there are times where he goads Kyung Min into jealous fits which do not help the situation at all. Too often, I felt romcoms cosigned behavior that would come off creepy or be otherwise unacceptable in real life. What can I say? I love the idea of longtime friends realizing that they mean more to each other than they previously though. Champ, he's the sweetest thing on earth . In short, I don’t want a traditional male character goes get the girl. In this article we cover 10 of the most capable, badass female lead characters from modern day Kdramas. I have to admit a guilty pleasure in watching the testosterone showdowns between the two guys that liked the girl, though. In the korean, and japanese May 13, 2019- Explore Vedika Singhania's board "Kdramas + Actors" on Pinterest. . There are multiple plots so it never gets boring. HOLY %^&*#*! Sorry for the screaming but this is legit unreal even as a potential casting rumor. And most list either tell us the same thing or are rather old. But let me tell you that they are Japanese dramas that are a Must Watch . [repost] kdramas jealous guys /boyfriends part 3 - duration: 15:04. This comes down to an infantilisation of women, expressed most glaringly in the phenomenon of aegyo. Here you go. This time the crazy chick was the male lead's sister. Just out of nowhere. Not only is this soo true. XD Answer Me 1997 Scene from "Reply hahaha. These are the three Best second male leads ever. And within that genre, friends-turned-lovers dramas have a special place in my heart. Queen In Hyun's Man was the first drama I saw with a genuinely sweet lead, and at the time, I almost couldn't believe some writer actually created this character. Just finished this drama and it is by far the best poor girl rich guy cliche drama. :) On my MyDramaList account I've broken down  29 Oct 2018 please recommend me some good movie with super possessive male lead over female lead, or super jealous male lead but not being too  14 May 2018 Dramas with jealous/ possessive male leads. He was sooo cute (´ `ʃƪ)♡. I hope it gives such possessive fans a reality check. As an English teacher at a private tutoring academy, she is skilled, bright, goal-oriented, kind to others and well respected with both male and female colleagues. Love it when the school bully falls for the good girl. Recommend KDramas here! Japanese Manga, movies and dramas are popular before Korean Drama were popular. It was an enjoyable read with cliches and hot guys (a lot of time half naked). Mini drama "Adolescence medley" too, maybe both "Reply" series (R 1997 and R 1994) Queen in Hyun's man lead is not a jerk and is not a bad boy at all he's so sweet actually. I’ve expected that Kim Yeol and Yeon-Doo will end up together except for their parents, also when everyone of them became friends and most importantly on how Soo Ah changed herself and realized that everything she did was wrong And for the first time, I didn’t experienced the second male lead syndrome because I really hate that feeling. period. However, looking at the synosis of the story, the female lead needs good acting skill to pull this off, and we know that Kim Tae Hee is not noted for her acting…. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Korean Men I do have to say that while sounding kind of possessive (if you assume, like I do, that -s- is a Korean female What to Expect when Dating a Korean Guy It seems like Korean guys are in demand because many of my single girlfriends have been telling me how much they’d like to learn Korean just to date Korean boys. Now, not everyone is obvious about their feelings, so maybe he really is, but that’s not been conveyed to me quite yet. You will always love kdramas more but sometimes you need to get out of that bubble and discover a new culture. like this drama but totally turned off near the end. Possessive guys in drama 2016 So for the past few days I have been looking for a good drama, book or basically anything with a possessive guy. In fact they are not bad. Jinyoung – Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group – Jinyoung is not a rapper, unless it’s satirical. The male lead was possessiv (even that is an understatement) and so are the other hot guys. When the female lead(FL) trips and is caught by the male lead(ML) right on time, who appears out of nowhere. Even during the end of the season I couldn’t identify some of the male cast. Currently airing webdrama "Love cells" has an extremely shy an innocent cute male lead. Long story short, the dramas still have quite a way to go, in terms of portraying relationships that are more balanced and equal. kdramas with possessive male lead

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